I came up with this little tool before christmas 2005 to make my girl happy :-)

basically, this is just an advent calendar that works with PHP and JavaScript. When you open index.html, 24 doors will "fly" over the screen, each to its location.

If you click on a door, a little window opens and displays the text  it finds for that day in the database (the SQL-insert is also here).

Of course I know that the design is somehow ugly. Heck, the code even makes up the colors by random (but still cares for contrast). That resembles my weird sense of humor. sorry.

 To run this four yourself, you need:
 -a web host server that supports PHP 4.x or higher
 -a MySQL database

The rest is said in readme.txt. Setting this up is no big deal if you know how to deal with a MySQL database (setup a table from an SQL script).

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