"China will fail to meet its carbon and energy intensity targets unless it makes dramatic changes to its electricity grid, a groundbreaking new report finds."

"They have the goals and the targets, but they don't have the regulatory policies in place," Chandler said. "They acknowledge the problem, but the difficulty is in reforming that state-owned system, and there I haven't seen any real movement towards resolving the reforming of governance."


More from the article: "Price reform, the report authors say, is critical for rapid deployment of efficiency technologies. Calling the existing power pricing system "distorted and chaotic," they say China must turn to consumer-based peak-load technologies of grid management.
Chandler called for mandating more aggressive energy-intensity reductions in industry and building-sector energy-using devices. He also recommended restructuring the economic development incentives to favor services and light manufacturing and regulating carbon emissions to limit the construction of new coal-fired power plants.
Finally, he believes China will need the establishment of a power planning agency charged with overseeing environmental and economic goals as well as power-generating targets. Overall, though, he isn't optimistic about prompt changes."

So they build all the solar power modules for the west, with no intention of using them, or using wind power. What if they made the carbon reduction targets also only for the west? Maybe this report only brings to light what everyone in China's inner circle already knows.

20 May 2012 - 15:10
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