The government-inspired intitiative is an attempt to standardise the data format and how consumers can access their data across multiple utilites that have smart meters installed at consumers houses.

"The Green Button data could include the following types of information:

* hourly load profile for past billing period plus current period to date,
* fifteen minute load profile for most recent 15 days,
* daily load profile for past month or year,
* monthly summary only data,
* energy usage and energy demand readings,
* gas, water usage profiles
* yearly summary data with monthly parts.

Based on available data from some partaking utilities, the US government has launched the "Apps For Energy" challenge, where developers compete to find the best way for consumers to browse their data and get tips on how to lower their bill.
Here is an example entry in the competition (voting runs until May 31, 2012):

There is nothing smart or dynamic in all this, but it might be a start in the direction of a common infrastructure for data.When dynamic pricing arrives to more and more contracts, it might be useful.

18 May 2012 - 3:30
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