Some quotes that are of interest to research:

"This will benefit the educated and the techno-savvy, but pensioners, the ill and the vulnerable in society may be baffled and therefore penalised."

"Only last week, the regulator, Ofgem, ordered the power companies to reform their pricing and to stop confusing customers who, they said, were were being "bamboozled" with more than 300 different energy tariffs."

"If electricity companies are allowed to vary the price that they charge their customers by the hour, how much more difficult will it be to challenge them or ensure they are acting fairly?"



The Guardian also printed a response to these reservations in a later edition:

but do note that the author of this response is biased towards industry: "Steve Cunningham is the chief executive of Landis+Gyr UK & Ireland"


24 Aug 2011 - 3:57
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