The International Energy Agency and the US administration were the only producers of global outlooks. Now China has founded an own institute for that and presented their first report from their perspective.

Most frightening is that they are frank about the climate challenge:

> On Climate Change targets the view is given that the 2 degree target as addressed by the UNFCC is not realistic, and that international governance lacks any mechanism to promote renewable energy, whose development is still based on national government support.
> “There will be hardly be any breakthrough in two core technologies that are highly related with global energy security and climate change. (...) lithium batteries will suffer from high energy consumption and high pollution under current technologies. (...) Carbon Capture and Storage (...) is facing some fatal problems"

At least some honesty, the debate needed that. But that will not lead China to take any alternative path. Even worse,

> The perception is that an abundant supply of coal in China exists (I asked this question to Dr. Yang Yufeng at the meeting, about which he replied that China has more than a 100 years of supply left.)

One positive note:

> "Under the framework of the UN or G20, the international community should build a global mechanism of sharing advanced technologies."

On a more practical note, China realises it has only very high-level control of demand, which is not godd for anyone. They aim at better local mechanisms:

> In the words of Dr. Yang Yufeng, “Make our demand more Scientific!.” Whereas currently China has great control at the macro level of energy, it lacks mechanisms to install incentives and management options at the micro-level. Therefore the Chinese Energy Institute recommends bottom-up energy data measurement, based on which control measures (both technology wise and behavioural constraints) can be instituted


21 Nov 2012 - 1:04
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