John Buck and Sharon Villines

There is organisational concept that many of you would might find intriguing: Sociocracy. It is a method of organising people on the basis of consent, while maintaining a form of collaboration that is looking out for its own effectiveness, such that it can actually be used for modern businesses. It is based on the ideas of a dutch Quaker from the early 1900s. It then was further transformed by a dutch entrepreneur who inherited a large electrician company and was looking for a humane way to manage it (and this company is still large and successful after several decades of employing sociocratical concepts).

This book is one of the only newer ones I could find which is not written by one of the original main figures. It was written by two American consultants who fell in love with the concept and are using and promoting it. The authors do three things in this book: First, they give a readable introduction to the history of sociology so far, which is very interesting. Then, they describe the basics of the method, which turns out to be a rather short exercise. The last part is a set of tools and practices for someone looking to introduce Sociocracy to an organisation (e.g. how to do a workshop with employees or partners).

To conclude, the book helped me to learn and understand what this concept is about, though not in too much depth. But as far as it gives an explanation, this book is very readable. I had no use at this point for the third part (applying Sociocracy), so I will not judge on it here.

# lastedited 26 Sep 2012
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