Roald Dahl

I have enjoyed Roald Dahls short stories as an adolescent, and I still do. The short stories in this collection are typical Dahls - brilliantly narrated (very english though) and slightly abnormal.

I really liked about this one that it is not like his really weird stories (which you would find in "Kiss, Kiss" for instance). These stories are a little more down to earth. They could just be real. And another great difference here is that in some of these stories, you just don't see the ending coming. Dahl is a brilliant storyteller, because he can manage to reveal his cards only in the last paragraph. That is really remarkable.

Dahl was indeed a person with some controversial opinions on some matters. But it is mostly controversial people who can write story arcs like the last one in "Someone like you", building up a hero over four short stories, making him very likable, following him in his quest minute by minute - only to let him fail most abruptly in the end, in the most injust manner. And in one paragraph.

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