Douglas Adams
Dirk Gently is a great detective. Great to read, that is. He starts by oversleeping the first meeting with his new client, who was frightened of some green-eyed guy the day before and is now dead, killed while Dirk was still sleeping.

Eventually he will solve his case, but never proceeds with any logical considerations. For example, he only drives his car following other cars that seem to know where they are going. A whole chapter is spent following our hero on a desperate search for a pack of cigarettes at one o' clock in the morning.
All these stuff leads him to encounters that help him solve the case. Call it chaos or coincidence, but don't be too sure that Adams is trying to say something important here, like, for example, everything is connected blah blah.

Well, Dirk Gently is saying that ("If I could interrogate this table-leg in a way that made sense to me, or the table leg, then it could provide me with the answer to any question about the universe."), but Adams MIGHT only be satirical here (admittedly, I chose a passage strongly suggesting that, but there are also others, like that old butterfly-causes-hurricane-theory which I don't want to repeat here).
There are even the ancient gods (Odin, Thor ...) appearing as main characters in the book and Adams is not trying to making a serious hint about his religious beliefs here, either.

But this the-universe-is-chaoticly-interconnected-theory might really attract a lot of esoteric believers.
I think, when a skilled, atheistic AND funny writer is being satirical, this is what you get. Adams just can't take anything serious. There might be people who will understand him the wrong way, though...

Let me end by sharing my favorite passage: "(...), and there emerged from the car a pair of the sort of legs which soundtrack editors are unable to see without needing to slap a smoky saxophone solo all over, for reasons which no one besides soundtrack editors has ever been able to understand."
That would fit right besides "the worst analogies ever in high school essays", starring " The little boat gently drifted across the pond exactly the way a bowling ball wouldn't. ". I love it, though.
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