John Strelecky

A little story written by a life coach. Say you sat down in a strange cafe, where the menu read:

Why are you here?

Do you fear death?

Are you fulfilled?

Then the waitress and the chef basically chat with you about these questions. Well, mostly the first one. It can be quite thought-provoking at some points, if you are ready to search for some more focus in what you do during each day. It mostly cricles around the question if you should start asking yourself what you purpose for existing (PFE) is (because once you do, it's hard to go back!).

While you'll find that many people report this book helped them instigate a major change in their lives, I believe this book can also be dangerous. Strelecky has some underlying hypotheses here:

  • Everybody can find their PFE.
  • As a consequence, if they can't, it's their own fault for not searching well.
  • Advertising makes us sick and unhappy, but if your PFE is doing advertising, you should go for it.
  • Saving money for your future from work you don't particularly enjoy is a sucker's path.

These hypotheses are ridiculous. Next to books like Herbstmilch, but also given just any general insight into how different live stories come to be (think of sicknesses, family support, poverty and so on), it does seem to be a good idea to treat this book with caution when reading. It could make you feel worse and send you down a path that actually leads away from the happiness which is possible for you.

Other people are more harsh in their opinion :)

# lastedited 16 Aug 2020
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