25 Jun 2014

Today, I gave a talk at CWI on how to become more efficient with complex computations in our scientific work. I discussed how I have approached the need for distributed computation (to scale up towards larger and more complex problems) and the problem of organising the scientific workflow when doing experimental work.

I promised listeners that they would get

  • hands-on information on getting results from large-scale, "embarrassingly parallel" computations,
  •  ... without actual parallel programming,
  •  ... little ssh effort
  •  ... and using the programming language of your choice.
  •  Plus, some tools to keep track of experiments and data.

where I would (not exclusively) mention the tools I have written, StoSim and FJD. I was happy to have a turnout of 16 people and I think we spent an interesting hour.

Here are the slides (direct link to PDF):


# lastedited 25 Jun 2014
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